Anyone logging onto Google today will be met with a neat ‘doodle’ (see below) commemorating the first expedition to reach the Geographic South Pole exactly 105 years to the day.  105th-anniversary-of-first-expedition-to-reach-the-south-pole-5150098246860800-hp

As is well known the first team to reach the pole were Norwegian and were led by the wily Roald Amundsen. To celebrate this day I’ve made an infographic of some key facts on the man himself. Happy Reading.


About the Author Ash Routen

I’m a postdoctoral exercise scientist by day, and cold expedition adventurer (for want of a better term) and outdoors and health writer by night. I’m based in Leicester in the UK, but I also spend considerable time in Cambridge where my partner lives. To find out more about me, visit my about page or take a look at my published writing.

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