On the 9th April, which is now less than 60 days away, I’ll be flying out to Oslo to begin my journey to complete a solo ski trip across the Hardangervidda plateau. With that impending date in mind I’ve been finalising decisions regarding what clothing, equipment and food to take. As I’ll be doing a similar trip both in length and terrain to that of Finnnmark last February, I have taken the kit list I used then and tweaked it for the needs of a solo traveller.

From last years trip I already have the majority of clothing, although I have since purchased a large duvet jacket, a serious pair of wind proof trousers and a high quality GORE-TEX outer shell. Probably my most crafty purchase has been this ski mountaineering shell jacket, a Berghaus Frendo, picked up for £139 in TK Max (RRP over £300). A lot of key purchases have also been made via eBay, such as a brand new MSR XGK EX stove for around £80 – bargain.

As well as buying kit, I’ve also turned my hand to making kit. I recently purchased a Singer sewing machine and have machine sewed myself a nice set of Silnylon stuff sacks, and I’ll have a go at making a vapour barrier liner for my sleeping bag too. It’s actually dead simple to do once you’ve followed a few You Tube videos, and I’ll aim to write a post on this subject in future.

The larger items of equipment such as tent, skis, boots etc I will be renting. Unless you earn your living guiding in cold environments it doesn’t seem cost effective to me to shell out for these for annual trips. I know roughly what brand I’ll be using for these major components of my kit, but as yet I won’t know the specific model until I get out to Haugastol (my starting base).

Now I’ve sourced 95% of my kit, I spent this weekend collating and weighing it all. I can’t account for the rental items, or those I am yet to purchase (such as food), so I don’t have an informed estimate of my payload yet. I would guess I might end up pulling a sledge weighing around 40 kg.


Regardless I thought it might be of interest to some to publish my full kit list, which you will see in Table 1 below. Weight is presented in grams, with zero shown for those items I do not have yet/am renting. I’ve tried to provide URL’s to the items that I’ve accrued over the past year. I would be really interested to hear reccomendations on alternative suggested items. In particular on power banks, socks, ski goggles and important first aid items. So take a look and let me know what you think…

Table 1. Hardangervidda 2017 Kit List (Clothing and equipment, excludes food)

Area Item Description/Brand Quantity Weight (g)
Footwear Cross country ski boots Unknown 1 0
Thick socks – long Unbranded (Black) 1 85
Thick socks – short Unbranded (Black) 1 0
Vapour barrier socks Large Rab VB Socks (Black/Green) 1 65
Tent booties Large Nordisk (Red) 1 180
Under Clothing Regular underwear Unbranded 3 180
Thermal base leggings Large Decathlon Xwarm Pant (Black/Blue) 1 232
Light weight thermal top Small Rab Long Sleeve Tee (65% Merino, Blue/Black) 1 139
Thermal base top Medium Rab AL Pull On (Blue) 1 220
Second layer top Medium North Face Fleece (Polartec,Orange) 1 299
First Outer Layer Goretex jacket Medium Berghaus Frendo (Green/Lime) 1 506
Fur ruff for hood Genuine Coyote Pelt 1 108
Windproof trousers Large Rab Photon Pants (Pertex/Primaloft, Black) 1 570
Second Outer Layer Duvet jacket Large Rab Extreme Pull Over (Pertex/Down, Blue/Black) 1 765
Head Thin balaclava Full Face Buff (100% Wool, Black) 1 36
Fleece balaclava Brynje Arctic Balaclava with Windstopper (Black) 1 125
Hat Rab Beanie (100% Polyester, Black/Blue) 1 54
Fleece neck gaiter Decathlon (100% Polyester, Black) 1 35
Fleece headband Decathlon (100% Polyester, Red/Blue) 1 33
Eyes Sunglasses Bloc Cobra P10b Polarised (Black) 1 22
Sunglasses case Lifeventure (Black) 1 59
Ski goggles Unknown 1 0
Gloves Thin thermal gloves Medium Rab (91% Polyester, Black) 1 37
Mid layer gloves Large Trekmates Galamara (100% Polyester, Black) 1 101
Over-mitts Unknown 1 0
Skiing Kit Cross country skis Unknown 1 0
Bindings Unknown 1 0
Skins Unknown 1 0
Ski Poles Unknown 1 0
Sleeping Gear Foam Insulating Mat Multimat 1cm (Green) 1 348
Thermarest mat Unknown 1 0
4/5 season sleeping bag Unknown 1 0
Vapour barrier liner Homemade Silnylon 1 0
Bungee Cord Unbranded (Blue) 1 138
Day Gear Nalgene drinking bottle Unknown 1 0
Nalgene drinking bottle insulated cover Homemade (insulating mat + gaffer tape) 1 94
Lip salve Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30 Waterproof 1 15
Sun-screen Unknown 1 0
Sledge Plastic Pulk Unknown 1 0
Pulk Bag Unknown 1 0
Waist belt or harness Unknown 1 0
Carabiners Mammut Snapgate 25 kN 2 95
Tent Bag Highlander Cargo 45 Litre (XTP Fabric, Black) 1 510
Camping Gear Head torch Energizer Vision HD+ LED 200 Lumens (Green) 1 89
Taped Plastic Box Unbranded taped in Gaffer tape 1 188
Nalgene pee bottle Unknown 1 0
2 man tent + accessories Unknown 1 0
Snow shovel Unknown 1 0
Tent brush Unknown 1 0
Very Large Stuff Sack Homemade Silnylon (Pink, Neon Green Paracord) 1 43
Medium Stuff Sack Homemade Silnylon (Pink, Black Paracord) 1 24
Medium Stuff Sack Homemade Silnylon (Pink, Neon Green Paracord) 1 27
Very Small Stuff Sack Homemade Silnylon (Pink, Black Paracord) 1 14
Extra Small (manufacturer size) Stuff Sack Karrimor roll top drybag (Orange) 1 47
Extra Extra Small (manufacturer size) Stuff Sack Karrimor roll top drybag (Red) 1 32
Cooking Main Stove MSR XGK EX 1 329
Reserve Stove MSR Whisperlite 1 0
Stove Board Sheet of plywood with MSR windshield attached 1 0
Stove Box Unknown 1 0
Fuel Bottle MSR 887 mL 1 0
Fuel White Gas (1 Litre) 4 4000
Saucepan/Pot Unknown 1 0
Plastic Mug 500 mL Unbreakable (Plastic, Blue) 1 66
Plastic Bowl Lifeventure Ellipse (Plastic, Graphite) 1 69
Spoon Expedition Foods (Silicon, Orange) 1 36
Pocket Lighter Unbranded 4 14
Navigation Paper Maps Nordeca Hardangervidda East + West 1:100k 2 70
Map Case Unknown 1 0
Compass Silva (Neon Yellow) 1 36
GPS Garmin etrex 10 (including batteries) 1 102
Communications Iphone + hard case iPhone 5s and i-blason tough plastic case 1 173
Tracker SPOT Gen 3 1 0
Medical Athletes foot powder Unknown 1 0
Micropore tape Small roll astroplast micropore adhesive tape 2 2
Ibuprofen tablets 16 tablets (2 foil packs) 1 12
Loose bowel tabs Unknown 1 0
First aid kit Unknown 1 0
Antibacterial handgel Unknown 1 0
Acessories/repair Small sewing kit Unbranded (Plastic, Black) 1 16
Small scissors Unknown 1 0
Pen knife Silva Pocket Knife (Red) 1 84
Other knife 6cm blade folding knife 1 52
Safety pins Small bag of assorted pins 1 3
Paracord 2 Metres Savage Island (Neon Green) 1 7
Gaffer Tape Unbranded roll 1 0
Photographic/Electronic Digital Camera Panasonic DMC-GF3 + 14-42 Panasonic Lumix Lens 1 433
Digital Camera Case Unknown 1 0
Spare Digital Camera Battery Panasonic Lumix DMW-BLE9E 7.2v 1 39
Digital Camera SD card i 16 GB 1 2
Digital Camera SD card ii 4 GB 1 1
Head Camera SJ Cam M10 HD 1080p 1 69
Head Camera Head Strap + Waterproof Case SJ Cam 1 133
Head Camera Spare Battery Qumox 3.7V Li-ion 2 39
Head Camera SD card 25 GB 1 1
Head Camera SD card 32 GB 1 2
Tripod and Carry Bag Manfrotto Compact Light (Aluminium) 1 753
AAA Batteries Lithium 6 42
AA Batteries Lithium 6 90
Power Bank Kodak KPBP (5V Output) 1 73
USB Cable Kodak 33 cm 1 13
Lightning Cable Sainsburys 1 m 1 17
Digital Watch/Barometer/Altimeter Casio SGW-1000 1 53
Scientific Accelerometer (Energy Expenditure) Actigraph GT3X+ Accelerometer 1 0
Bathroom Toothpaste Unknown 1 0
Toothbrush Unknown 1 0
Wetwipes Unknown 20 0
Toilet Paper Best quality roll 2 244
Personal Journal Unknown 1 0
Pen Unbranded Black ballpoint 2 12
Miscellaneous Passport UK Passport 1 35
Money £200 worth of NOK 1 0
Credit Card Halifax Mastercard and American Express 1 10
Insurance docs Unknown 1 0
Resort Clothes Unknown 2 0
Bin Bags Unknown 2 0
Temperature Gauge Plastic Wall Thermometer 1 19

About the Author Ash Routen

I’m a postdoctoral exercise scientist by day, and cold expedition adventurer (for want of a better term) and outdoors and health writer by night. I’m based in Leicester in the UK, but I also spend considerable time in Cambridge where my partner lives. To find out more about me, visit my about page or take a look at my published writing.

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