For my now impending trip to Hardangervidda (it’s only 27 days to go!), I have been keen from the outset to have a reliable yet affordable means of communication with family/emergency contacts, as well as the ability to broadcast my location to the wider world as I travel.

There are a variety of communication options available for those going to remote places such as conventional satellite phones, and combined satellite messaging/tracking devices. To buy either outright is a serious outlay, and when combined with the data charges, neither options are affordable to me.

As with everything in this trip I am particularly interested to field test kit this April, in advance of a much longer trip to Greenland in 2018. Therefore I’m super delighted to announce that the innovative and increasingly popular tracking provider Follow My Challenge have agreed to support me with their flagship live GPS tracking software, and a satellite messaging device.


This is particularly exciting as Follow My Challenge have developed their services over the past few years supporting long distance endurance adventures, including world record attempts.

Based in the Netherlands, Follow My Challenge have developed a fully customisable, fully integrated and multi-platform supporting solution to meet my needs. Capable of integrating GPS data from any tracking device, their software now ensures that you will able to follow me on a live map 24/7 in Hardangervidda! This will also include some really neat additional features (see below) such as elapsed time and distance, daily averages, altitude data, and even weather data including temperature, wind speed, wind direction etc. You certainly don’t get this when using the proprietary tracking and location sharing services available with existing satellite messaging/GPS trackers.


As part of the tracking package (which came with the added bonus of some Stroopwafels!) they are providing me with, I will be using a Spot GEN3 (see top photo) combined satellite messaging/GPS device* which will allow me to (via GPS) send customisable text messages to my loved ones, as well as being able to send my location and a text to the local mountain rescue services/my local contact. My location will be broadcast and updated on the map every 5 minutes.

So a big thank you to the guy’s at Follow My Challenge, and I’m very much looking to sharing my trip with you all. I’ll be publishing the link to my Follow My Challenge page closer to departure day.

*As tech wizards Follow My Challenge are capable of working with any similar device on the market. 

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I’m a postdoctoral exercise scientist by day, and cold expedition adventurer (for want of a better term) and outdoors and health writer by night. I’m based in Leicester in the UK, but I also spend considerable time in Cambridge where my partner lives. To find out more about me, visit my about page or take a look at my published writing.

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