I’m pleased to report that Phil and I successfully completed our expedition to cross Lake Baikal on March 18th. We walked into the town of Severobaikalsk, our finish point, having walked 634 km over 19 days. By the end of the trip we were comfortably putting in 30-40 km days, and arrived well within our predicted 20-22 day schedule.

Baikal TGO Photo Diary-69

We lost unsupported status by collecting additional fuel at Olkhon Island, and by using a hut on two occasions (avoiding bears on the second hut stay!).

Baikal TGO Photo Diary-6

I’ll be on BBC Radio Leicester on Wednesday morning, and we’ll be publishing photos and words via various print and online media outlets in the coming weeks. Keep your eye’s peeled.

Thanks to you all for following our journey across this amazing lake. You can view our final GPS tracks here.

Baikal TGO Photo Diary-80


About the Author Ash Routen

I’m a postdoctoral exercise scientist by day, and cold expedition adventurer (for want of a better term) and outdoors and health writer by night. I’m based in Leicester in the UK, but I also spend considerable time in Cambridge where my partner lives. To find out more about me, visit my about page or take a look at my published writing.


  1. Congratulations Ash’..great to see you both complete this tough task..really admirable….best wishes on your return…Roger Jessica and Vicky

    1. Hi Roger 🙂 Great to hear from you, and thanks for the wishes! We had a brilliant time and managed to come back with all our fingers and toes. Will be posting up a few photos and video in the next week or so. Hope you’re all well!

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