I’m Ash Routen. We all like labels, so I guess I would call myself an exercise scientist, cold environment adventurer, and adventure writer.

For 15 year’s I’ve dreamt of going on adventures to the very wild places of our planet. I’ve walked, climbed, and cycled in the outdoors, but I finally took action after reading of Sir Douglas Mawson’s fateful Antarctic expedition in 1911. Now I go on my own small but personally fulfilling cold adventures

When I’m not planning an adventure I live in Leicester in the UK, but I also spend time in Cambridge with my girlfriend.

I’m a staff writer for Explorers Web the world’s leading website for latest news on Mountaineering, Polar, Desert, and Ocean exploration and adventure. I also contribute features to a variety of global outdoor publications.


To find out more about what I’m up to currently you can read my blog. If you’d like to hire me to write for you, you can see my published writing here. Or if you want to find out about my day job, visit my professional profile.

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