Hardangervidda 2017

 In April 2017 I completed a 7 day (117 km) solo ski trip across the Hardangervidda plateau in Norway. This is the area in which the now infamous ‘heroes of telemark’ operation took place during WWII.


The Team

The Logistics – Carl Alvey

Carl Alvey is an internationally renowned polar guide who has guided clients across Greenland and on full distance South Pole trips. He recently taught Leo Houlding how to kite ski. I stayed with Carl at his hotel in Haugastol, and he organised rental equipment and transport for me.

The Sledder

I completed this short eight-day training expedition by myself. The aim of this trip was to test equipment and develop cold travel skills for the Baikal 2018 expedition.


The Route

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You can view my GPS tracks across Hardangervidda thanks to Follow My Challenge. The account of this trip was published in Adventure Magazine NZ in August 2017.