“I was really inspired from your assembly at my school, I was inspired by how you conquered your Arctic expedition and how you were determined to do more. I am now thinking about studying sports science at University”  (Pupil, Husbands Bosworth Primary School)

Who do you speak to and what do you speak about?

I trained as a scientist, and through this I have 9 years experience of speaking at international conferences, public and stakeholder events, and in schools. I’ve transferred these skills to deliver public talks on health, physical activity and outdoor adventures for charities, local authorities, schools, and scout troops.

With my background in the high pressure world of science, and recent adventures to inhospitable places, my talks focus on resilience, courage and health and wellbeing.

Audiences so far

“The children really enjoyed listening to Ash talk about his adventures. We have a number who attend Guides and Scouts and it showed them what could be possible. He left the children and staff inspired and wanting to find out more about exploring”

Alan Eathorne (Headteacher, Husbands Bosworth Primary School)

Contact Forms and FAQ’S

How can I book Ash?
Please fill out the form below with a little information on what you would like my talk to achieve. I no longer speak for free as I prefer to work with clients who value my time and ability to create a meaningful experience for them.

How long do you talk for?
Usually between 10-40 minutes. Supported by high quality photography and slides, video and Q and A.

If you are making a donation for my time/travel please use the button below.